SkyDeck AI serves as an interactive AI front end, allowing seamless integration of your Large Language Model (LLM) into your AI team. You can employ your own pre-trained or fine-tuned version of Meta’s Llama 2, a version of Stanford’s Alpaca LLM cross-trained on GPT-4, or a mix of models such as OpenAI’s GPT-4, Anthropic’s Claude, Google, and your own private model. This flexibility lets you cater to a broader range of applications and ensures effective AI management.

Meta’s Llama 2: A Powerful AI Tool

Meta’s Llama 2, a potent AI business tool, matches GPT 3.5 in capabilities and has a 4096-token context window. Its business-friendly license makes it an efficient LLM business tool. Although Llama 2 packs powerful capabilities, it’s much smaller than OpenAI’s GPT 3.5. You can deploy it easily on an AI infrastructure, even on a single AWS machine. For smaller versions, you can use HuggingFace, showcasing its scalability.

Stanford’s Alpaca: Compact and Cost-Effective

Stanford’s Alpaca is a standout model, behaving much like OpenAI’s text-davinci-003. It’s surprisingly compact, and reproducing it is easy and cost-effective (less than $600). Pre-trained versions are readily available on HuggingFace, making it a top, accessible AI solution for businesses.

SkyDeck AI: Your Partner in AI Deployment

With SkyDeck AI, you get more than an AI integration tool. You get a comprehensive AI management platform that supports AI scalability, ensures AI data security, and enhances LLM productivity. We focus on helping you make the most of the dynamic AI landscape, ensuring your business stays ahead in the AI race.